Long Oligos

Our experience with gene construction and microarray development provides us with insight into the potential difficulties of long-oligo synthesis. The techniques we have developed to purify long oligos are unmatched by other suppliers.

Long Oligo Specifications

Bases DNA (A,C,G,T) and degenerate bases
Backbone Phosphodiester and phosphorothioates
Length 121-180 bases
Yield Cartridge: 5 OD, PAGE: 0.5 OD
Purification Cartridge or PAGE
Modifications / Modified Bases 5' end: Phos, Biotin, Amine C6, Amine C12, Inosine, deoxyUracil
3' end: Spacer C3
Internal: Inosine and deoxyUracil
Format Dry in 2 mL screw cap tubes
Documentation All oligos are delivered with Quality Assurance document including yields, Tm (melting temperature), MW, and µg/OD
Quality Control Every oligo is quality checked by mass spectrometry or PAGE Gel Analysis and OD by UV Spectroscopy
Shipping Schedule Cartridge and PAGE: 10 business days