Long Oligos

Long Oligo Specifications

Bases DNA (A,C,G,T) and degenerate bases
Backbone Phosphodiester and phosphorothioates
Length 121-180 bases
Yield Cartridge: 5 OD, PAGE: 0.5 OD
Purification Cartridge or PAGE
Modifications / Modified Bases 5' end: Phos, Biotin, Amine C6, Amine C12, Inosine, deoxyUracil
3' end: Spacer C3
Internal: Inosine and deoxyUracil
Format Dry in 2 mL screw cap tubes
Documentation All oligos are delivered with Quality Assurance document including yields, Tm (melting temperature), MW, and µg/OD
Quality Control Every oligo is quality checked by mass spectrometry or PAGE Gel Analysis and OD by UV Spectroscopy
Shipping Schedule Cartridge: 5 business days   PAGE: 7 business days