Custom DNA Oligos – Critical Raw Materials

To guarantee the highest quality oligonucleotides, we start with the highest quality raw materials. Sigma-Aldrich is world renowned for producing high-quality chemicals, reagents and solvents. Critical raw materials are sourced from within Sigma and include: DNA & RNA phosphoramidites, solid phase synthesis supports, reagents and solvents. Upon receipt of critical raw materials, incoming quality control is performed and may include water content analysis (Karl Fischer titration), phosphoramidite identification, solid support verification and acceptance based upon Certificate of Analysis. Additionally, a rigorous supplier qualification program is part of our quality management system, which allows Sigma to manage supplier relations and performance.

Chemistry protocols have been optimized to ensure >99.0% coupling efficiency for each nucleotide addition during synthesis. Protocols are finely tuned to synthesize both short (<35 mer) and long (>110 mer) oligonucleotides yielding high-quality results. Oligonucleotide synthesis is performed using the established phosphoramidite chemistry. We routinely investigate new chemistries including protecting groups, activators and synthesis supports to continually improve oligonucleotide quality and expand our product offering.