Easy Oligo

Order our Easy Oligos when the focus is speed, convenience and simplicity. Easy Oligos are shipped within 24 hours from order receipt, at a fixed concentration, and are suitable for a wide range of applications including PCR and sequencing.


Guaranteed Yield Minimum 3 OD (approx. 15 nmols*)
Format 100 µM concentration in de-ionized water
2 mL screw cap tubes
Length 15 to 30 bases
Purification Fully deprotected and desalted
Bases DNA (A, C, G or T)
Modifications None
Backbone Phosphodiester bond
Documentation All oligos are delivered with Quality Assurance documentation including yields, Tm (melting temperature), MW, and µg/OD
Quality Control Every oligo is quality checked by mass spectrometry
Maximum Order 48 oligos per order for 24 hour shipment
Shipping Schedule Ships within 24 hours of order receipt, check with your local office for ordering cut-off times
Price Contact your local office for pricing and availability

*Estimate 1 OD = 5 nmols = 30 µg, for a 20 base oligo