Custom Peptides

We provide a comprehensive service portfolio to assist researchers in applications requiring custom peptides and peptide libraries.

We routinely synthesize peptides up to 40 amino acids in length (inquire for longer lengths) using state of the art solid support chemistries and purify peptides via HPLC. A variety of purity levels, amounts (mg-gram) and modifications are available.

Peptide Design Learn about the impact of sequence length and amino acid composition on your overall assay. These guidelines provide tips to successfully design the optimal peptide sequence for your experimental success.
Synthesis Methodology Learn about the steps involved in solid phase peptide synthesis and the special considerations for lot-to-lot variability and overall peptide stability.
Storage & Handling Helpful guidelines for proper storage and resuspension of your peptide for optimal performance in your assay.


A great resource to quickly find answers to questions ranging from peptide impurities to calculating the peptide amount in your sample.