Cytology Products for Greater Accuracy and Lab Efficiency

Cytology is the study of the structure and function of cells under the microscope. Cytological techniques are commonly used to diagnose and differentiate tumors, inflammatory and other degenerative diseases.

To support you in accurately and efficiently collecting and discerning cytological samples, we provide high-quality stains, reagents and auxiliary products. For decades, we have worked to improve staining quality and to simplify procedures for gynecological and non-gynecological cytology. Thanks to the high quality and batch-to-batch consistency of our products, you benefit from reliable and reproducible results. Furthermore, long shelf life and economical usage of our ready-to-use solutions maximize the number of samples processed and increase laboratory efficiency.

Many of our staining solutions and kits are IVD-registered and CE certified, making them perfectly suited to clinical diagnostics and supporting laboratory accreditations.

Routine Cytology Stains

Our range of ready-to-use, high-quality cytology stains and staining solutions will help you to achieve reliable and reproducible cytological test results. Our offer covers Papanicolaou’s solutions, Shorr staining solution for the diagnosis of hormonal disorders, Giemsa staining reagents, Hematoxylin solutions and dry dyes including Gill’s No. 1, 2 and 3, Blueing reagents, and Pappenheim’s stain.

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Papanicolaou Solutions

Papanicolaou staining (Pap staining) is one of the most widely used staining techniques in cytopathology. The technique was developed by Dr. George N. Papanicolaou (1883-1962), a pioneer of cytology, and continues to be the standard method for cancer and hormone cycle diagnostics. Pap staining involves a series of dyes and solutions which differentially stain various components of the cells, allowing critical examination of nuclei and cytoplasmic components. Samples usually consist of exfoliative cells of vaginal, cervical, prostatic and other body secretions.

Our broad selection of Papanicolaou staining solutions is available in many packaging options, covering both manual and automated methods.

Nuclear staining solutions include a range of hematoxylin solutions and dry dyes:

Cytoplasmic counterstaining is achieved by first using orange stains followed by several polychrome solutions.

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Shorr Staining Solution

Shorr staining is used exclusively for hormonal cytodiagnosis, to assess the effects of follicle and corpus luteum hormones and to determine the stage of the estrous cycle through examination of vaginal smears. During the reproductive cycle, hormones cause characteristic changes in the vaginal epithelium. The number of eosinophilic cells increases under the effect of follicular stimulating hormone (FSH), whereas cyanophilic cells increase under the influence of corpus luteum hormone. The ratio of eosinophilic to cyanophilic cells therefore relates information regarding the effects of these hormones.

Our ready-to-use Shorr staining solution is IVD registered and CE-certified. It is suitable for both manual and automated methods.

Rapid Staining Kits – Cytocolor™, Neo-Cytocolor™

Cytocolor™ and xylene-free Neo-Cytocolor™ rapid staining kits are chiefly used for gynecological screening and early recognition of female genital carcinoma. Within 3-4 minutes, these stains give reliable information on malignancy, hormone status and vaginal flora of gynecological smears. Compared to classical Papanicolaou staining, the Cytocolor™ kits requires no orange stain; both mature and keratinized cells appear pink instead of orange.

Neo-Cytocolor™ gives you a greener, more user-friendly option thanks to the use of Neo-Clear™ xylene substitute. This kit can process up to 1,000 slides and has a shelf life of 3 years.

These solutions and kits are suitable for clinical diagnostic applications and laboratory accreditations.

Rapid Staining Kits & Solutions – Hemacolor®

Our Hemacolor® range for non-gynecological samples covers everything from blood and bone marrow smears to cytological samples, including urine, sputum, FNAB, sperm, effusions and lavages. These kits and solutions are registered CE / IVD products for diagnostic applications.

  • Hemacolor® Kits let you to efficiently achieve the brilliance and reproducibility of Pappenheim staining in only 30 seconds. The kit contains buffer tablets plus 3 ready-to-use, highly stable solutions (fixing, red, and blue solutions). Individual Hemacolor® staining solutions are also available
  • Auto-Hemacolor® stain system was developed automatic staining of blood and bone marrow smear staining in conjunction with Hematek® slide stainer (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics). It is developed and registered as a CE certified, IVD product for applications in diagnostics and can be applied for up to 1000 stains.

Discover other rapid staining kits:

Cytochemistry Reagents & Kits

Cytochemistry stains are colorimetric reactions that detect enzymatic activity in cells of interest. Cytochemistry stains are useful adjunct assays for the diagnosis and classification of acute and chronic leukemias.

We offer stabilized diazonium salts, naphthol substrates and stabilized base solutions (Fast Red Violet LB base, Fast Blue BB base, Fast Garnet GBC base), which are essential tools for the cytochemical demonstration of numerous medically important cellular enzymes. The availability of stabilized base solutions allows you to adjust working reagent volumes as needed. All kits may be used for clinical and research purposes and are provided in convenient, easy-to-use formats.

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Reliably visualize enzyme cytochemistry and pathological changes in a patient’s blood with our range of ready-to-use detection kits. Monitor peroxidase, esterase and phosphatase reactions, or detect free ionic iron to assess hemochromatosis, asbestosis or bone marrow diseases.

  • LEUCOGNOST® detection kits allow you to differentially diagnose leukemia through the semi-quantitative localization and detection enzymatic systems in the cytoplasm of leukemia cells; Specific kits are available to determine the activity of alkaline leukocyte phosphatase and to detect PAS (periodic acid-Schiff), peroxidase, specific esterase (NASDCL), and acid phosphatase reactions.
  • HEMATOGNOST Fe® Kit is used to diagnose conditions such as hemochromatosis, asbestosis or bone marrow diseases. Here, the Prussian blue (Berlin blue) reaction detects free ionic iron (Fe3+) in cells: Ionic iron (Fe3+) not bound to heme reacts with potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) in aqueous hydrochloric acid solution causing iron to precipitate as an insoluble complex salt in blood, bone marrow or tissue cells. Specimens are then counterstained with Nuclear Fast Red solution to optimize visual differentiation.

Auxiliaries for Cytology

We have everything you need to collect, fix, prepare and mount your cytological samples with confidence.

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