Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Kits Frequently Asked Questions

How many ELISA kits do we offer?

We offer >1000 ELISA Kits. Please see the break down below.

What is provided in the kit?

Kits include everything needed to run the experiment.

The kit got left out at room temperature for several days. Is it still good?

The most temperature-sensitive components in the kit are the HRP-streptavidin and the detection antibody. These may have lost some activity, but the kit is probably still usable.

What is the stability & storage of the kit components?

What is the recommended sample dilution?

Based on our sample testing studies, we have established dilution factors for serum & plasma (all species).  General recommendations for sample dilution is provided in the tech bulletin or in  the Certificate of Analysis, but optimal sample dilution must be determined by the researcher.

NOTE: the lowest dilution we ever recommend for serum/plasma is 2-fold.

Our recommended dilutions are meant to be a starting point ONLY.  Optimal dilutions may vary from sample to sample.

For cell culture media, the optimal dilution factors must be determined empirically by the user.  We suggest starting with neat to 2-fold.

Does this kit detect unusual species? e.g. dog, ferret, rabbit, horse, elephant, opossum?

For exotic (i.e. not human, mouse or rat) species, it’s most likely unknown. But check with us anyway, as we may have some helpful information about the antigen or other cross-reactive species.

We do offer a selection of kits for canine, feline, porcine, rhesus, equine, sigmodon and bovine testing.

My customer uses another vendor’s kit previous and just used ours and received different results? Why were the results different?

  • ELISA kits from different manufacturers are very likely to give different results
  • Differences in the properties of the antibody or standard, the calibration, optimization conditions, and other factors contribute to this