EX-CELL® Advanced™ CHO Fed-Batch System – Cost Benefit Analysis

This high performing, chemically-defined CHO Fed-batch System has been developed across a range of widely used industrial CHO cell lines, including SAFC’s proprietary CHOZN® cell line. Robust scale up and effortless adaptation offers those in biopharmaceutical development the opportunity to get their process up and running faster and with proven cost efficiencies.

Study Design

Three distinct model CHO cell lines (CHO S, CHOZN GS and CHO dhr) were selected for a comparative evaluation of the EX-CELL CHO Fed-batch System with leading commercially available CHO cell culture media and feed supplements from three different vendors. Culture conditions and feed strategy.

Culture Conditions

  • TPP bioreactor tube cultures
  • 200 rpm / 50 mm orbital diameter
  • 37 °C, 80% RH, 5% CO2 (Note: 8% CO2 with CHO S)

Cost Benefit Analysis – CHO S


Feed Strategy

  • 5–10% (v/v) bolus addition on culture days 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11
  • Glucose concentration maintained above 4 g/L


The cost benefit for using the EX-CELL CHO Fed-batch System is shown for each cell line.

Cost Benefit Analysis – CHOZN GS


Cost Benefit Analysis – CHO dhfr


Study Conclusion

The EX-CELL Advanced CHO Fed-batch System demonstrated a sustained high biomass with maximum titers across all model cell lines. Moreover the optimized media and feed combination by SAFC outperformed other leading commercial fed-batch products with a 2–4 fold increase in titer and superior economics.

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