HPLC Analysis of Synthetic (Spice) Cannabinoids on Ascentis® Express F5

Synthetic cannabinoids (Spice) are a relatively new type of designer drug used as a pseudo-legal means to get a cannabis-type high. New synthetic cannabinoids are continually being introduced as suppliers tweak the molecular structures. The ability to rapidly and reliably identify the continually changing population of these compounds is a significant analytical challenge facing forensic chemists. A rapid separation of nine of these compounds on Ascentis Express F5 column is shown here. Cerilliant certified reference material grade standards enabled confident identification. We recommend using HybridSPE®-Phospholipid plates to extract these compounds from serum or plasma.


Following is a selection of products that can be used in this application. It is meant for research and forensic applications and not for medical or diagnostic purposes.

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