The Human IgY14/Supermix LC1 Column

Seppro® Protein Depletion Technology

The Seppro IgY14/Supermix Combo LC1 column contains both IgY14 and Supermix resins with a ratio of 2:1. The resin can be reused up to 100 times.

The Seppro IgY14 resins are based on avian antibody (IgY)-antigen interactions and optimized buffers for sample loading, washing, eluting, and resin regeneration. These IgY14 resins are specifically designed to remove fourteen highly abundant proteins (HAP) from human fluids such as serum or plasma. Our unique SuperMix resin then targets the removal of 50 additional moderately abundant proteins1.

  • The LC1 Sample Capacity is 20 μl based on a protein concentration of 50mg/ml or less
  • Total protein mass removal: 96-99%
  • Targeted HAP depletion efficiency: 95% (average)

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The HAP and MAP distributions in the human blood plasma proteome

Figure 1. The HAP and MAP distributions in the human blood plasma proteome. The top 14 HAP are targeted by the IgY14 column (A) and 50 MAP are targeted by the SuperMix column. The percentage of protein abundances are based on spectral count data from LC–MS/MS experiments. In this context, HAP are defined as 14 proteins captured by the IgY14 column, and MAP are those 50 proteins captured by the SuperMix column as listed in Table 1 except C3. All other proteins are considered as LAP.

List of moderate-abundance proteins efficiently captured by the SuperMix columna

IPI# Protein name Gene name Capture efficiency (%)
IPI00164623.4 Complement C3 C3 >99
IPI00418163.3 Complement 4B C4B 98
IPI00032258.4 Complement C4A C4A 98
IPI00017601.1 Ceruloplasmin CP >99
IPI00022488.1 Hemopexin HPX 99
IPI00019591.1 Complement factor B CFB 99
IPI00218192.1 Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H4 ITIH4 99
IPI00032291.1 Complement C5 C5 >99
IPI00006543.2 Complement factor Hrelated 5 CFHR5 >99
IPI00305461.2 ITH2 ITIH2 >99
IPI00515041.2 Complement factor H. CFH >99
IPI00292530.1 ITH1 ITIH1 >99
IPI00019580.1 Plasminogen PLG >99
IPI00215894.1 Isoform LMW of kininogen-1 KNG1 98
IPI00032179.2 Antithrombin III variant SERPINC1 >99
IPI00032328.1 Isoform HMW of kininogen-1 KNG1 99
IPI00009920.2 Complement component C6 C6 >99
IPI00298828.3 Beta-2-glycoprotein 1 APOH >99
IPI00022895.7 Alpha-1B-glycoprotein A1BG >99
IPI00022418.1 Fibronectin FN1 >99
IPI00294395.1 Complement C8 beta chain C8B >99
IPI00291866.5 Plasma protease C1 inhibitor SERPING1 98
IPI00022420.3 Plasmaretinol-binding protein RBP4 >99
IPI00165421.4 SERPINC1 protein SERPINC1 >99
IPI00021885.1 Fibrinogen alpha chain FGA >99
IPI00022371.1 Histidine-rich glycoprotein HRG 99
IPI00298497.3 Fibrinogen beta chain FGB >99
IPI00298971.1 Vitronectin VTN 99
IPI00021891.5 Fibrinogen gamma chain FGG >99
IPI00736985.1 Similar to ceruloplasmin LOC441368 >99
IPI00021727.1 C4B-binding protein alpha chain C4BPA >99
IPI00296608.6 Complement component C7 C7 >99
IPI00011252.1 Complement C8 alpha chain C8A >99
IPI00022391.1 Serum amyloid P-component APCS 98
IPI00011261.1 Complement C8 gamma chain C8G >99
IPI00294004.1 Vitamin K-dependent protein S PROS1 >99
IPI00011264.1 Complement factor H-related protein 1 CFHR1 >99
IPI00006154.1 Complement factor H-related protein 2 CFHR2 >99
IPI00021364.1 Properdin CFP 93
IPI00022392.1 Complement C1Q subunit A C1QA >99
IPI00022394.2 Complement C1Q subunit C C1QC >99
IPI00477992.1 C1Q subcomponent, B chain C1QB >99
IPI00027507.1 Complement factor H-related protein 3 CFHR3 >99
IPI00025862.1 C4B-binding protein beta chain C4BPB >99
IPI00029168.1 Apolipoprotein(a) LPA >99

a The capture efficiency was estimated for each protein based on MS/MS spectral count data by dividing the spectral count for each protein from the bound fraction by the sum of spectral counts from the bound fraction (B) and flow-through fraction (FT), i.e., B/(B + FT). If proteins were not observed in flow-through fraction, these proteins were represented as >99%. IPI00022420.3 Plasma retinol-binding protein.




  1. T.Shi et al., Methods (2011), doi:10.1016/j.ymeth.2011.09.001


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