Immobilon® NOW Transfer Membrane rolls for Western blotting

Immobilon® NOW rolls offer the convenience of pre-cut sheets with the flexibility of rolls in the formats you depend on: Immobilon®-E, Immobilon®-P, Immobilon®-FL and Immobilon®-PSQ membranes.



  • Single-cut convenience
  • Compatibility with mini or midi gels
  • No waste
  • More compact package saves space in your lab

Four Immobilon® PVDF membranes, optimized for your application

All Immobilon® PVDF membranes offer exceptional durability and high protein binding, for strong signal with low background.

Immobilon®-E Membrane

  • The only PVDF membrane that wets out in transfer buffer—no alcohol required
  • Ideal for most Western blot experiments where the target protein is >20 kDa
  • Use with chemiluminescent or colorimetric detection

Immobilon®-P Membrane

  • The most widely cited PVDF for immunoblotting
  • For Western blot and dot blot experiments where the target protein is >20 kDa
  • Recommended for chemiluminescent and colorimetric detection

Immobilon®-FL Membrane

  • Optimized for fluorescence detection including near-infrared wavelengths
  • Lowest background fluorescence improves sensitivity of all fluorescence detection protocols

Immobilon®-PSQ Membrane

  • Highest protein binding and retention
  • Best choice for low MW targets and low abundance targets
  • Low background fluorescence
  • Compatible with chemiluminescent and colorimetric detection

Immobilon® NOW Dispenser

The optional Immobilon® NOW Dispenser adds even more convenience by offering a complete solution to measure, cut and store the transfer membrane. Simply retract the unused membrane into the container, and always see when it’s time to refill.

Dispenser Schematic