Maximizing the Efficiency of Genotyping-By-Sequencing


Next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms dramatically increase the rate of acquiring genomic and genotypic information, allowing faster and more accurate breeding decisions that make a difference on farms everywhere. In order for these platforms to be cost-efficient and a viable alternative to PCR-based genotyping, ideal operating efficiency must be realized.


A multinational seed company was utilizing a genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) protocol on their NGS platform in support of several row crop breeding programs. The company had initially experienced a high number of no barcode reads using desalted adapters. In an effort to maximize marker data obtained per sequencing run, the company began using HPLC-purified adapters and barcodes. The higher purity adapters greatly decreased the number of no barcode reads, but the higher cost of HPLC purification increased overall costs. The company chose Sigma-Aldrich to help develop a solution to balance cost and sequencing efficiency.


With 25 years of experience manufacturing custom oligonucleotides, Sigma-Aldrich understood the importance of adapter purity in minimizing no barcode reads. Using in-house, proprietary technology, the company’s adapters and barcodes were synthesized and purified to provide HPLC-like results at 60% less cost.

Additionally, Sigma-Aldrich developed a manufacturing process to accommodate high-throughput demand and a validation plan to implement the new adapters on the company’s sequencing platform. As a result of the collaboration with Sigma-Aldrich, the company was able to decrease no barcode reads by >50%, maximize the efficiency of their NGS platform and lower overall cost per marker.

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