Muse® Cell Analyzer

Simple, Affordable Flow Cytometry by Your Side

The Muse® Cell Analyzer is a highly intuitive, compact instrument for the fluorescence-based, 3-parameter analysis of cell populations. It is designed to make flow cytometry easy, convenient and accessible for all researchers. The user interface is specifically tailored for streamlined applications, so that you can move from sample setup to analysis and results in just a few minutes. Convenient Muse® "Mix-and-Read" Assays enable samples to be prepared in a simple step and then loaded onto the Muse® instrument for fast, easy analysis. The Muse® instrument has an integrated computer and software for data acquisition and analysis of optimized Muse® Assays. It is versatile enough to analyze both suspension and adherent cells 2–60 microns in diameter.

  • Highly quantitative data at the single cell level
  • Simple, effortless operation
  • Intuitive software and touchscreen user interface
  • Rapid setup and analysis
  • Optimized Muse® assays
  • Compact size; (footprint of only 8 in x 10 in (20 cm x 25 cm)
  • Affordable

Novel, Miniaturized Flow Technology

The Muse® Cell Analyzer uses patent-pending, miniaturized fluorescent detection and microcapillary technology to deliver truly accurate, precise and quantitative cell analysis compared to other methods. Laser-based fluorescence detection of each cell event can evaluate up to 3 cellular parameters – cell size (forward scatter) and 2 colors (detected in the red and/or yellow channels).

The system uses a microcapillary and miniaturized optics, which occupy one-tenth the space of a typical cytometer. This means that the instrument occupies only an 8 in x 10 in (20 cm x 25 cm) footprint. A green diode laser is used for excitation, and a uniquely designed series of retro-reflective lenses provide maximum light capture and sensitivity.

Highly Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

Muse® features a highly intuitive touchscreen interface that allows simple step-by-step operation, so easy that no flow expertise is required to run assays. The touchscreen prompts you through simple on-screen instructions and guides you though sample loading to simple setting adjustments to results —in just a few steps!

Optimized, Simple-Prep Assays and Software Modules

For the assays you rely on most, we’ve developed optimized kits, validated for robust performance on the Muse® Cell Analyzer. Typical cell preparation protocols have been condensed and simplified, so sample preparation is fast and easy. You don’t need to optimize any software settings – the Muse® instrument calculates all gating parameters and thresholds for you.

Just prepare your sample with Muse® reagents, load on the instrument, and follow the easy, guided menus on the touchscreen to get your results. Results are displayed in both graphical and statistical formats specific to each application, making analysis unambiguous. Spend less time with experimental setup, avoid reagent waste and save money. Easy raw data and Excel® export features allow for archiving of results and additional analysis. Export into third party software programs such as FlowJo or Modfit is possible using the FCS converter.

Muse® Assays

Choose from a broad range of Muse® Assays for interrogating multiple aspects of cell biology:

  • Count & viability
  • Apoptosis
  • Cell cycle
  • Autophagy
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cell signaling
  • DNA damage
  • Immunology

We are continually releasing new Muse® assay modules and kits. Please visit for the most up-to- date listing of Muse® Assays. New assay software modules can be downloaded free of charge from the website.

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