Pellet Paint NF Co-precipitant: Non-fluorescent Visible DNA Co-precipitant for Automated Sequencing and Other Applications

Pellet Paint NF CoPrecipitantPellet Paint NF CoPrecipitant* is a nonfluorescent dye labeled carrier compatible with fluorescent sequencing. It facilitates rapid removal of BigDye Terminators (PE Corp.) during the alcohol precipitation of cycle sequencing reaction products. Cycle sequencing reactions can be precipitated rapidly with centrifugation times of 10 minutes. The easily visualized carrier provides a simple confirmation that precipitation has occurred. Sequencing reaction products are efficiently pelleted and dye-labeled terminators remain in the supernatant during alcohol precipitation using the standard Applied Biosystems precipitation protocols. Resuspension of pelleted sequencing reaction products in deionized formamide can be confirmed by checking for dissolution of the carrier pellet. Pellet Paint NF Co-Precipitant is fully compatible with the ABI PRISM® BigDye Terminator Cycle Sequencing Ready Reaction. To avoid extra sample handling, Pellet Paint NF Co-Precipitant can be added directly to the reaction mix, template DNA, crude PCR samples, or dilution buffer prior to the cycle sequencing reaction. Pellet Paint NF Co-Precipitant has no detectable effect on the sequencing reaction or sequence accuracy. Pellet Paint NF is also an effective substitute for the original Pellet Paint in applications where fluorescent detection is used.


  • Efficient and rapid precipitation of BigDye cycle sequencing products
  • Efficient removal of dye terminators
  • Direct visualization and tracking of precipitated material
  • No effect on sequencing reaction
  • Substitute for original Pellet Paint CoPrecipitant for fluorescent detection applications

* patent pending