Primary Human Hepatocytes for In Vitro Testing

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Human Hepatocytes are valuable and instrumental for in vitro testing. They have become the “gold standard” for metabolism, clearance, hepatotoxicity, and drug-drug interaction.

In order to best meet the specific needs of a wide variety of study types, we offer different hepatocyte products derived from human liver tissue. Our wide selection of lots that can be used for a variety of applications, including, but not
limited to:

  • Drug metabolism studies including stability, clearance, and species comparison
  • Induction and toxicity studies
  • Drug transporter assays (uptake and efflux)

selected lot of cryoplateable primary human hepatocytes at 10X magnification

Figure 1. Day 5 image of a selected lot of cryoplateable primary human hepatocytes at 10X magnification.

Each batch of hepatocytes are characterized with batch-specific functionality and clinical data to best permit lot selections and reservations:

  • Cell viability and yield per vial
  • Morphological integrity and attachment efficiency
  • Monolayer confluency
  • Phase I and phase II drug metabolizing enzyme activities
  • CYP induction when applicable
  • Additional functional testing can be performed upon request for specific cell culture applications
  • A comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with relevant donor demographics, BMI, pre-mortem liver function lab values, and medical history

Click here to get a complete list of currently available hepatocyte lots from LifeNet Health®.

LifeNet Health Primary Human Hepatocytes
Product No. Description
MTOXH1000 Cryoplateable Primary Human Hepatocytes
MTOXH1002 Cryoplateable Primary Human Hepatocytes Induction Certified
MTOXH1001 Cryopreserved Primary Human Hepatocytes Metabolism Qualified Suspension Grade
MTOXH1005 Cryopreserved Primary Human Hepatocytes Research Grade
MTOXH1008 Cryopreserved Primary Human Hepatocytes High BMI
MTOXH1011 Cryopreserved Primary Human Hepatocytes Neonatal
MTOXH1012 Cryopreserved Primary Human Hepatocytes Juvenile
MED-HHTM Human Hepatocyte Thawing Medium
MED-HHPM Human Hepatocyte Plating Medium
MED-HHCM Human Hepatocyte Culture Medium
MED-HHPMSP Human Hepatocyte Plating Medium Supplement Pack
MED-HHCMSP Human Hepatocyte Culture Medium Supplement Pack
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