PVC membrane filters for sensitive air monitoring

Appropriate, representative sample collection is critical for accurate environmental monitoring. Depending on the testing method and particulate of interest, a wide variety of analytical tools are utilized in air monitoring applications. Due to their low weight and low water adsorption, polyvinylidene chloride (PVC) membrane filters are preferentially used with gravimetric analysis to quantify silica, carbon black, or quartz air particulates. Our 5.0 µm, PVC membrane filters are produced from high-quality PVC and have been developed for use with ASTM, NIOSH, and OSHA air monitoring methods.

  • Produced from pure, medical-grade PVC
  • Non-hygroscopic, 5.0 µm filters
  • Specified by ASTM, NIOSH, and OSHA in air monitoring applications
  • Used to analyze silica, carbon black, or quartz particulates