qPCR and MIQE Seminar Series

As part of our customer education program, we have provided two recorded seminar series covering the topics of qPCR and MIQE. The recorded sessions are intended to provide a high-level overview of the subject matter. We have kept the lessons concise so that you can enjoy a self-paced learning program.

qPCR Experiment Guideline Series

Seminar Title Presenter Length
Primer and Probe Design Ashley Heath, PhD 6:32
An Introduction to qPCR Concepts Mudassir Mohammed, PhD 9:37
Selecting a qPCR Basic Detection Chemistry Mudassir Mohammed, PhD 12:35
Choosing a Fluorophore/Quencher Combination Anders Bergkvist, PhD 11:30
Chemistries for More Challenging qPCR Assays Mudassir Mohammed, PhD 15:18
MIQE Concepts Marina Wiklander, PhD 3:19
Reference Gene Validation Anders Bergkvist, PhD 12:47
Data Analysis Guidelines Anders Bergkvist, PhD 10:42

MIQE Seminar Series

Seminar Title Presenter Length
MIQE: Assay Design Considerations Tania Nolan, PhD 17:37
MIQE: Sample Derived Inhibitors Tania Nolan, PhD 13:04
MIQE: RNA Quality Considerations Tania Nolan, PhD 15:31
MIQE: RNA Quantity and RT Considerations Tania Nolan, PhD 16:38