Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for RapidRED and MPower Payment Program


RapidRED is transitioning to MPower Payment Program. Answers to the questions below are the same for the both programs unless specified otherwise.

Will I receive a card in the mail?
No, you will receive a unique payment account number and PIN, not a physical card.

I do not see the payment account option in the shopping cart, where is it?
You must be logged into the website to see the payment account option.   If you are logged into the website and you do not see the option, contact for assistance.

If I accidentally enter my payment account number into the PO payment field, can I change the payment method later?
No, once the order is placed using a PO as payment, we are unable to amend the payment terms to the payment account. 

When opening a payment account, can I enter multiple email addresses for receipt of the confirmation?
Yes, you can enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma. 

What amount can I purchase for my payment account?
A range of purchase values are available.  Valid purchase values can be selected from a drop-down menu during the registration process.

Can I only purchase the set values available in the drop-down menu, during the registration and refill process?
No, values in the drop-down menu are the only valid options for setting up the initial payment account and refill process.  You can increase the funded amount by using the refill option once you have an established payment account.

Can I purchase both custom products and catalogue products on the same order using my payment account?
Currently, payment accounts can only be used to purchase custom DNA and RNA products.

When I open a payment account, am I immediately invoiced for the full amount?

How will my company/institution be invoiced for the payment account?
This depends on the type of billing and payment terms set up on your institution. RapidRED can be invoiced via e-invoicing, PDF or paper.  MPower invoices will be sent as a PDF document attached to an email.

When I open a payment account, can I place an order immediately, using the payment account?
Yes, RapidRED program allows immediate use of the payment account.     For MPower, orders against the payment account can be used after initial account payment has been received.

If I am linked to VAT payable account, does the purchase of the initial amount and/or refill amount include VAT?
Yes, if you set a payment amount of 500 GBP, this amount includes the VAT.  The invoice amount of 500 GBP includes VAT.

Can I submit orders by fax, email or phone when using my payment account?
No, only online orders are compatible with the payment account program.

Can I set up the payment contract via a punch-out system or University system (B2B)?
No, the purchase must be completed on the site.                                                                                                                                                             

I have paid for my payment account but continue to receive invoices for every order placed against the payment account.
The invoices for each purchase are for reference only.  There is a statement on the bottom of the invoice document stating the amount has been deducted from the payment account.  There is no payment action required of you for these product invoice transactions.

If the balance on my payment account is less than the value of the order that I am trying to place, can I pay for part of the order using my payment account and the remaining balance with a P.O. or credit card?
No, you will need to add funds to your payment account  before completing the purchase; or you can choose an alternate payment option.

Does my payment account expire?
Payment accounts expire within 12 months of the initial purchase unless a refill occurs during the term.

Can I continue to place orders against an expired account? 
No, however the expiration date can be extended by contacting

Will I receive a refund for any unused funds, should my payment account expire?
A refund, less any funds that may have been applied through promotion or special programs, will be issued. 

If I cancel my payment account before the expiration date, will I receive a full refund upon request?
A refund, less any funds that may have been applied through promotion or special programs, will be issued.

When will I receive the refund?
Refunds are typically issued within 2-3 days of request. 

How do I view my payment account balance and transaction history?
Visit our login page, then click on the link ‘View Balance & Transaction History’.

What if I lose my PIN (Personal Identification Number)?
Upon initiating your payment account, you received an email confirmation containing your PIN.  If you are not able to locate the email confirmation, you can reset your PIN online or contact your local customer service team.

Can I transfer my balance to another payment account?
Transferring of funds from one payment account to another is not permitted.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?
Terms and Conditions are found here