Product Citations and Publications by Our Scientists

Custom DNA Oligos

Guo Y, Ye JY, Divin C, Huang B, Thomas TP, Baker JR, Jr., & Norris TB (2010). Real-time biomolecular binding detection using a sensitive photonic crystal biosensor. Anal Chem, 82, 5211-5218. Biotin-labeled oligos used to test development of a new biosensor.

Kudla G, Murray AW, Tollervey D, & Plotkin JB (2009). Coding-sequence determinants of gene expression in Escherichia coli. Science, 324, 255-258. Long, highly-degenerate oligos used in gene expression analysis.

Lacroix-Lamande S, Rochereau N, Mancassola R, Barrier M, Clauzon A, & Laurent F (2009). Neonate intestinal immune response to CpG oligodeoxynucleotide stimulation. PLoS One, 4, e8291. CpG oligos used to stimulate immune responses.

Omumi A, Beach DG, Baker M, Gabryelski W, & Manderville RA (2011). Postsynthetic guanine arylation of DNA by Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling. J Am Chem Soc, 133, 42-50. 8-bromo dG modified oligos used to create new types of modified oligos.

Pandey M, Syed S, Donmez I, Patel G, Ha T, & Patel SS (2009). Coordinating DNA replication by means of priming loop and differential synthesis rate. Nature, 462, 940-943. Oligos used in basic studies of DNA replication.

Wang ZG, Elbaz J, Remacle F, Levine RD, & Willner I (2010). All-DNA finite-state automata with finite memory. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 107, 21996-22001. Oligos used to create logic gates.

Yang L, Kemadjou JR, Zinsmeister C, Bauer M, Legradi J, Muller F, Pankratz M, Jakel J, & Strahle U. Transcriptional profiling reveals barcode-like toxicogenomic responses in the zebrafish embryo. Genome Biology, 2007, 8:R227. Oligos used to create microarrays.

Zykovich A, Korf I, & Segal DJ (2009). Bind-n-Seq: high-throughput analysis of in vitro protein-DNA interactions using massively parallel sequencing. Nucleic Acids Res, 37, e151. Long oligos used in next gen sequencing application.

Okabe K, Harada Y, Zhang J, Tadakuma H, Tani T, & Funatsu T (2011). Real time monitoring of endogenous cytoplasmic mRNA using linear antisense 2'-O-methyl RNA probes in living cells. Nucleic Acids Res, 39, e20. 2' O-methyl RNA oligos used to probe living cells.

Custom DNA Probes

Josefsen MH, Lofstrom C, Sommer HM, & Hoorfar J (2009). Diagnostic PCR: comparative sensitivity of four probe chemistries. Mol Cell Probes, 23, 201-203. Describes the advantages of LNA Dual-Labeled Probes in terms of assay sensitivity.

Saito Y, Kitamura H, Hijikata A, Tomizawa-Murasawa M, Tanaka S, Takagi S, Uchida N, Suzuki N, Sone A, Najima Y, Ozawa H, Wake A, Taniguchi S, Shultz LD, Ohara O, & Ishikawa F (2010). Identification of therapeutic targets for quiescent, chemotherapy-resistant human leukemia stem cells. Sci Transl Med, 2, 17ra9. Dual-Labeled Probes used to identify therapeutic targets.

Publications by Our Scientists

Hudnall SD, Chen T, Allison P, Tyring SK, & Heath A (2008). Herpesvirus prevalence and viral load in healthy blood donors by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. Transfusion, 48, 1180-1187. qPCR primers and probes used to detect virus in blood samples; a Custom Products scientist co-authored this paper.