DNA Fragmentation Imaging Kit Troubleshooting

Product No. 06432344001


Low labeling

  • Fluorescence bleaching may occur upon prologned exposure to bright light. Keep samples in the dark after staining for later inspection.
  • Permeabilization may not have been effective so that reagents could not reach their target molecules. Ensure that triton-X 100 has been added to the fixation solution.
  • Increase the incubation time for fixation.

High background

  • Possible Mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures. Use the Mycoplasma PCR ELISA Kit to check for possible Mycoplasma contamination.

Nonspecific labeling

  • Enzyme Solution concentration too high. Reduce concentration of Enzyme Solution by reducing the amount added to the Label Solution.

Fewer labeled cells than expected

  • Weakly adherent cells are more easily washed out of the plate during washing steps. Use microplates precoated with poly-D-lysine to minimize cell loss when working with weakly adherent cells.
  • Cells were washed too harshly resulting in loss of adherent cells. Perform all aspiration and wash steps carefully to minimize the loss of cells.


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