Small Pack Size Primary Antibodies

Why we offer small pack size primary antibodies

Economical means affordable options when exploring new antibodies. To provide you with convenient and economical access to our highly characterized antibodies, we now offer small pack size antibodies in 25 μg or 25 μL. These small pack sizes enable you to test more antibodies, at least 5 western blots, for example, before purchasing larger amounts.

  • New Format - Available now, access the same highly characterized antibodies that are designed for ICC, IHC, IF, IP, flow cytometry, ELISA and WB applications.
  • Purchase Guarantee - Prepack items are backed by our Antibody Guarantee to allow customers to evaluate our antibody products with complete confidence in antibody performance.
  • Long History - We have over 35 years of antibody manufacturing history while providing industry-leading antibodies for critical research applications.

What antibody products and value do we offer?

We provide a growing list of antibodies with Enhanced Validation (EV), each having been highly characterized by our team of expert scientists. Our highly cited antibodies are published over 10,000 times every year with reliable distribution across major fields of study, including:

Inflammation & Immunology - Rabies Virus (MABF949), PD-1 (MABC1122)

Signaling - Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase 65/67 (G5163)

Neuroscience - GABA (A2052), Amyloid Precursor Protein (A8717)

Apoptosis & Cancer - p53 (05-224), ALIX (ABC1435)

Cell Structure - β-Catenin (C2206), Myosin 7(MABT849)

Epigenetics & Nuclear Function - phospho-Histone H2A.X Ser139 (05-636), BrdU (B8434)

Microbiome - Proteus vulgaris (SAB4200817), Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS (SAB4200834)

Crispr/CAS9 - Cas9 (AB356480), CRISPR/CAS9 (SAB4200701)

With antibodies chosen based on popular targets that cover major research areas, discover the antibody below that is best suited for your specific application needs.