Using Global Reach to Source and Deliver Critical Plant Breeding Chemicals


For many crops, colchicine is used to produce doubled haploids, enabling homozygosity in a single generation. When used, this process enables seed development companies to deliver better-performing varieties to growers faster than with conventional inbreeding. Consequently, colchicine is a critical chemical to many commercial breeding programs.


Our partner, a multinational seed company, was unable to identify a supplier that could provide a large, reliable quantity of colchicine suitable for double haploid production. In some cases, the quantity they needed was too large for a single supplier. In other cases, the lead time for the quantity needed was unacceptably long. This situation required them to order colchicine from multiple companies to procure sufficient quantities to meet their annual needs. Ordering from multiple companies resulted in:

  • Increased challenge when coordinating orders
  • Supply shortages that delayed innovation
  • Packaging and material variability
  • Complicated global shipping logistics


Sigma-Aldrich used its global sourcing and distribution expertise to secure a large, single lot of colchicine sufficient for the customer's needs. This service:

  • Simplified procurement of colchicine
  • Eliminated the risk of supply shortage
  • Ensured material consistency
  • Simplified global delivery

In addition, Sigma-Aldrich arranged to store the colchicine supply in bulk, where it was packaged on-demand for delivery to the customer's global breeding locations.

Ultimately, Sigma-Aldrich helped our customer secure the quantity of colchicine they needed and became their partner in the global distribution of a chemical that is critical to their operations.

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