Spice Cannabinoids in Plasma –
HybridSPE®-Phospholipid and Ascentis® Express F5

LC-MS/MS Analysis of Synthetic (Spice) Cannabinoids from Plasma on Ascentis Express F5 after SPE using HybridSPE-Phospholipid

Synthetic cannabinoids (Spice) are a relatively new type of designer drug used as a pseudo-legal means to get a cannabis-type high. New synthetic cannabinoids are continually being introduced as suppliers tweak the molecular structures. The ability to rapidly and reliably identify the continually changing population of these compounds in the blood or urine of suspected users is a significant analytical challenge facing forensic chemists. A four prong approach using column selectivity, high purity solvents, effective sample prep, and reference standards, was used to develop a method to rapidly isolate and identify Spice cannabinoids from plasma. The Ascentis Express F5 column gave the necessary resolution, and the LC-MS solvents and additives gave adduct-free response for maximum sensitivity. Sample prep employing the HybridSPE-Phospholipid was rapid and effective and the Cerilliant reference standards enabled confident identification.


Following is a selection of products that can be used in this application. It is meant for research and forensic applications and not for medical or diagnostic purposes.

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