Sterifil® Aseptic System and Filter Holder

Sterifil® devices are ideal for vacuum filtration of liquids for analyzing microbiological or particulate content. Choose from two configurations, the closed Sterifil® aseptic filtration system and the separate Sterifil® 47 mm filter holder with funnel. Use Sterifil® systems for either aseptic or non-sterile filtration.

Sterifil® Aseptic Filtration System

The Sterifil® aseptic system (Sterifil system) is a closed unit designed to protect the sample and filtrate from contamination. It consists of a funnel (E) with cover (A-D), O-ring groove and O-ring (F-G), 47 mm filter holder and base with support screen (H), silicone stopper (I), and receiver flask with cover (J-L).

Sterifil® 47 mm Filter Holder with Funnel

The Sterifil® 47 mm holder with funnel (same components as system at left but without receiver flask) is available separately for use with a standard 1 L vacuum filtering flask or multiple place manifold.

Product Number XX1104700

The Sterifil® system can be reused and autoclaved with the membrane in place.

Key applications for Sterifil® system

  • Bioburden monitoring
  • Enumeration of organisms in samples


Product No. Description Pack Size Add to Cart  
XX1104700 Sterifil aseptic system, 47 mm 1
XX1104710 Sterifil holder, 250 mL, includes components (1) to (9) 1
XX11J4750 Sterifil holder, 500 mL 1
AP2501300 Glass Fiber Filter with binder, AP25, 13 mm 100
SX0001300 Swinnex Filter Holder, 13 mm 10
XX1104702 Filter holder base and support screen 1
XX1104703 Sterifil funnel cover 1
XX1104704 Sterifil funnel, 250 mL, 47 mm, Polysulfone 1
XX1104705 Sterifil receiver flask, 250 mL 1
XX1104706 Cover for Sterifil receiver flask 1
XX1104707 O-ring, (5-329) for Swinnex 47 mm filter holder, silicone 10
XX1104711 Caps, gum rubber 100
XX1104715 Support screen, 47 mm, polypropylene 1
XX2004718 No. 8 stopper, 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) hole, silicone 5
WP6110060 High Output Pump, 100 V/50–60 Hz 1
WP6211560 High Output Pump, 115 V/60 Hz 1
WP6222050 High Output Pump, 220 V/50 Hz 1
XKEM00107 Hand Vacuum Pump, polypropylene 1
XX2604735 3-place manifold, 47mm, PVC 1
XX7100004 Tubing, 3/16 in. ID x 140 cm, silicone 1