Genome Compiler

Sigma® Life Science is using our strengths and building on the strengths of others to provide the best tools to synthetic biology researchers. We are happy to participate in Genome Compiler's free, web-based intuitive software platform for the rapid engineering of biology. Their genomic manipulation tools and optimal design experience now allow you to build your constructs using the >1600 vector options available in the SnapFast™ Vector Collection.

Genome Compiler allows you to:

  • Start with sequence-verified vectors from the most robust collection available
  • Quickly and easily simulate DNA construct design & assembly with a drag & drop interface
  • Enjoy automatic annotation and alignment
  • Share projects and track changes with collaborators
  • Easily order your starting vector from Sigma-Aldrich

Visit Genome Compiler to set up a free account and start designing your next project.


Need some help getting started? The paper Vector NTI Vs Genome Compiler is an excellent article explaining the benefits of Genome Compiler. For more detailed instructions on how to complete common tasks, check out the three videos provided by Genome Compiler:

  • Learn the Genome Compiler's Essential Tools
  • Simplify Your Cloning
  • Annotate Your Sequences