TruPAGE™ Precast Gels FAQ

Do I have to buy a new tank in order to use TruPAGE Gels?

No. TruPAGE cassettes come in 10×10 cm and 10×8 cm which are compatible with most popular gel tanks. However, if you would like a new tank, Sigma-Aldrich recommends using out RunBlue™ Dual Run and Blot System (Catalog Number Z741768).

What percentages of acrylamide are available with TruPAGE Gels?

TruPAGE Gels come in four different acrylamide concentraitons: 4–20%, 4–12% and 4-8% gradient gels; 10 and 12% homogeneous gels.

How many sample wells?

TruPAGE Gels come in 12- and 17-well formats.

What is the sample volume of the wells?

12-well gels hold 35 μl per well; 17-well gels hold 20 μl per well.

How much protein can I load?

10 μg/well purified protein; 100 μg/well lysate.

What is the thickness of TruPAGE Gels?

TruPAGE gels are 1 mm thick.

What is the shelf life of TruPAGE Gels?

TruPAGE Gels have an 24-month shelf life from the date of manufacture. This date is part of the lot numbering system.

Can I do Western blots with TruPAGE Gels?

Yes. TruPAGE Gels can used for Western blotting.

Can the TruPAGE Gels be dried?

Yes. TruPAGE Gels can be air-dried or dried between cellophane after equilibrating with a drying solution (if cracking is a problem).

Do TruPAGE products contain SDS?

Yes. TruPAGE SDS-PAGE Gels, Running Buffers and LDS Sample Buffer contain SDS. SDS is used to denature proteins and surround them with a uniform net negative charge. The charges on the protein become negligible and their shape no longer has an effect such that electrophoresis is conducted purely on size.

Can I do tryptic digests followed by mass spectrometry (MS) with TruPAGE Gels?

Yes. TruPAGE Gels work great for tryptic digestions followed by MS analysis.

What is the length, and pH of the stacking gel?

The stacking gel is 1 cm high, and its pH is the same as the separating gel as with all precast gels.

What is the pH of the gels?

pH = 7.6, which reduces chemical hydrolysis of the acrylamide and provides a long shelf life.

Do TruPAGE products contain sodium azide?


What is the resolving length?

The resolving gel on TruPAGE gels extends to the very bottom of the cassette providing increased resolution.

Can TruPAGE gels be run other MES, Tris-Glycine, etc running buffers?

No. TruPAGE Gels can ONLY be used with TruPAGE formulated running buffers. These buffer systems allow run times of 45 and 30 minutes respectively. Buffer formulations are provided in Quick Reference Guide in every box of gels. Other buffer systems lead to reduced performance.