Western Blot Tested Antibodies

Don’t guess – using unpredictable antibodies leads to unproductive results

Western Blots commonly fail for reasons that are predictable and avoidable

During Western blot analysis, researchers report that failure most often occurs when trying to achieve successful antibody detection of target proteins. We know that this step is vital to experimental reproducibility and lab productivity during Western blotting.

Over 80% of our complete portfolio of 80,000 antibodies is application tested for Western blotting. Our portfolio includes primary and secondary antibodies with diverse species coverage and broad variety of colorimetric and fluorescent labels for use in Western blot detection.

Our leading portfolio of antibodies is supported by expert technical service and backed by a Bioguarantee. We work to continuously grow the collection to ensure you have the antibody you need for your research.

Comprehensive Antibody Collection

  • Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
  • Primary and secondary antibodies and conjugates
  • Antibodies produced in a variety of host species including goat, mouse, rabbit, rat, chicken and more

Secondary Antibodies and Conjugates

With more than 2,000 secondary antibodies and conjugates, rest assured you will be able find the perfect secondary antibody for your research.

Sigma-Aldrich® is committed to providing customers an extensive array of options with the quality they deserve. Our secondary antibodies are:

  • Highly sensitive
  • Consistent from lot-to-lot
  • Divided between many species-specific options
  • Provided with a wide range of labels and applications
  • Highly cross adsorbed antibodies
  • Bioguarantee* Program

Western Blot Tested Antibodies:

  • Diverse species coverage with cross-reactivity to over 140 specie types
  • Over 2,000 Secondary Antibodies with cross-reactivity to over 15 different target species
  • Offer conjugated antibodies linked to a broad variety of colorimetric and fluorescent labels for use in Western blot detection

Search for Western tested antibodies at: sigma-aldrich.com/westernblot

Immunoblotting whole extract

Immunoblotting whole extract of HEK-293T cells overexpressing human SOX11 was separated on SDS-PAGE and probed with Rabbit Anti-SOX11 (C-terminal) (Cat. No. SAB4200450). The antibody was developed using Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG-Peroxidase (Cat. No. A0545) and a chemiluminescent substrate.


  1. 1:4,000 antibody
  2. 1:4,000 antibody + SOX11 immunizing peptide
  3. 1:8,000 antibody
  4. 1:16,000 antibody

Bioguarantee Program

We invite you to evaluate our antibody products with complete peace of mind. If our antibody does not perform in your application of interest or species specificity – no matter what – we will issue a full credit or replacement antibody product – Bioguaranteed.

How it works:

  • Place your antibody order online or by calling 800-325-3010
  • Following your evaluation, if you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the antibody, complete our Antibody Bioguarantee Form* at sigma-aldrich.com/bioguarantee
  • Our Technical Service team will contact you within 24-48 hours

*Guidelines: Experimental results must be submitted via the Antibody Bioguarantee Form within 12 months of the date of purchase. All required fields of the Antibody Bioguarantee Form must be completed. Refunds and replacements contingent to claim review by technical service team. Credit covers the cost of antibody. Product replacements depend on product availability. Antibodies purchased in bulk order or for resale purposes are expressly excluded from the Bioguarantee. This Bioguarantee is non-transferable and void upon resale of antibody.

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