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Under the trade name BASIONICS™, BASF offers a portfolio of ionic liquids. Within the BASIONICS™ portfolio, the ionic liquids can be classified as: (1) standard, (2) acidic, (3) basic, (4) liquid at room temperature, and (5) low viscosity products, opening up a wide variety of potential applications. Driven by customer demand, the living portfolio of the BASIONICS™ has been extended to include five exciting new products. The BASIONICS™ portfolio is exclusively available from Sigma-Aldrich in kilogram scale.

BASIONIC™ FS 65 Choline salicylate

Choline salicylate (BASIONIC™ FS 65) is a low-melting ionic liquid (36–38 °C). Representative non-solvent applications described in the patent literature include:

• Use as drilling fluids1 
• Additives for pharmaceutical products2 
• Additives for the polymerization of polyoxymethylene copolymers3

BASIONIC™ FS 85 Choline Acetate

Choline acetate (BASIONIC™ FS 85) is an interesting reaction medium for biocatalysis. In the chloroperoxidase-catalyzed conversion of methyl phenyl sulfides to the corresponding sulfoxides, it acts as a suitable co-solvent, leading to satisfactory yields and very good enantioselectivities. In addition, over-oxidation of the sulfoxide to the sulfone is not observed.4

BASIONIC™ FS 01 Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)methyl-ammonium methylsulfate

BASIONIC™ FS 01 is a RTIL (Room Temperature Ionic Liquid) remaining as a liquid below 20 °C. Furthermore, BASIONIC™ FS 01 is remarkable in view of its toxicological and ecotoxicological profile.

Table 1: BASIONIC™ FS 01, an ecologically friendly RTIL with a complete toxicological data set.

BASIONIC™ ST 33 1,2,4-Trimethylpyrazolium methylsulfate

1,2,4-Trimethylpyrazolium methylsulfate displays a high thermal stability (DSC decomposition onset: 350 °C). Therefore, it is suitable for reactions that require high temperatures such as Diels-Alder reactions. Furthermore, it has potential applications as a thermofluid.

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