Carboranes as Superweak Anions

By: Josephine Nakhla, ChemFiles Volume 11 Article 1

Josephine Nakhla, Ph.D.
Market Segment Manager
Organometallics and Catalysis

The chemistry of weakly coordinating anions, or superweak anions, continues to be actively investigated within many laboratories for a variety of purposes. These useful molecules often allow for the isolation of extremely reactive salts of cations, making them applicable to the ever growing list of chemical tasks that require highly reactive cations. These uses include the catalytic polymerization of olefins, the catalytic formation of C–C bonds, the manufacture of high-current-density lithium batteries, and the activation of C–H bonds. Discover how carboranes from Aldrich can advance your research.

Carboranes from Aldrich:

(723509), (720887)

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