D and/or 13C Labeled 1,3–Dithiane

By: Lisa Roth, ChemFiles Volume 11 Article 1

Lisa Roth, Ph.D.
Product Manager

Unlabeled 1,3–Dithiane is a versatile reagent able to act as an acyl anion equivalent when submitted to Corey-Seebach reaction conditions.1 This well known chemistry can also be carried out when 1,3–Dithiane is labeled at the 2 position providing labeled and protected aldehydes, ketones, α-hydroxyketones, 1,2–diketones and α-keto acid derivatives. Deprotection can be facilitated using standard methods to give the appropriately labeled substrates (Scheme 1).2

Scheme 1: 1,3–Dithiane for the introduction of D and/or 13C.

New Labeled D and/or 13C 1,3–Dithiane

(716111), (716073)

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