Fluorous Reversed-Phase Silica Gel for the Immobilization of Rf-tagged Catalysts

ChemFiles Volume 4 Article 9

Easy handling of the catalyst together with its straightforward recovery and possible reuse are important recommendations in any catalytic reaction. The immobilization of perfluoro-tagged Pd catalysts on fluorous reversed-phase silica gel and the successful application to Suzuki and Sonogashira couplings have been described.[1] All couplings were performed in organic solvents without using perfluorinated solvents as second liquid phase. The catalysts showed complete conversions and could be recycled without significant decrease of activity. By adding fluorous reversed-phase silica gel to a solution of a perfluoro-tagged diphenylphosphine Pd(II) dichloride in diethyl ether and hexafluorobenzene and evaporating the solvent, an immobilized Pd complex is easily recovered as air-stable, free-flowing powder.

Sigma-Aldrich now offers fluorous reversed-phase silica gel developed for the immobilization of perfluoro-tagged catalysts in three different qualities.

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  1. Tzschucke, C. C.; Markert, C.; Glatz, H.; Bannwarth, W. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2002, 41, No 23, 4500.

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