Low κ Precursors

Chemfiles Volume 4 Article 3

Low κ materials address technical challenges of increased chip performance by allowing for the reduction of spacing between metals in multi-level interconnects, interlayer dielectrics and passivation layers.1 Shrinking of device sizes leads to issues with resistance capacitance (RC) coupling, resulting in power dissipation, propagation delay and noise between circuits called crosstalk. Current low κ strategies include orgaonsilicate glass (OSG) films for the 90-100 nm node (κ <3), carbon doped silicon oxide films (κ <3), and porous silicate films for the 65 nm node (κ <2.6). Porous films have some copper compatibility issues and reducing the κ of such films is accompanied by a loss of mechanical properties. Future low κ materials will be an extension of current CVD/ALD deposited non-porous films. Sigma-Aldrich has a variety of high quality low κ precursors. If you can’t find what you want check the website or send a question to matsci@sial.com.

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