Metal Scavengers

Chemfiles Volume 7 Supplement 1

QuadraPure and QuadraSil metal scavengers offer a variety of complementary solutions for efficient removal and economic recovery of precious metal contamination from products and process streams (aqueous or organic). The picture shows a typical ‘before-and-after’ scavenger treatment of a metal catalyst solution (initial metal content 1000 ppm) at room temperature.


The QuadraPure™ collection consists of two ranges of functionalized polystyrene beads:

  • Macroporous, low-swell, robust beads for use in manufacturing either in batch or flow processes.
  • Microporous, solvent swellable beads with high capacity intended largely for R&D application.

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The QuadraSil scavengers offer extremely rapid removal of metal catalyst residues. QuadraSil products are based on high-quality spherical silica beads with well defined porosity that can be used in aqueous or organic solution and in batch or flow processes.

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