New Building Blocks for Chemical Biology

By: Matthias Junkers, Chemfiles Volume 10 Article 4

Matthias Junkers, Ph.D.
Product Manager

Modern automated synthesis protocols allow the fast and effi cient production of biopolymers like peptides and even proteins, or oligonucleotides. In recent years, even the automated synthesis of complex carbohydrates has been described.1 Automated synthesis procedures build the bridge to Chemical Biology. It does not require a fully trained chemist to perform automated synthesis. Even groups with a primary focus on biology research can utilize synthesizers to produce primers, test molecules, probes, etc., quickly and effi ciently. On the other hand, chemistry benefi ts equally from automated procedures. Synthesis challenges that used to take weeks or months can today be completed in a matter of hours or a few days accelerating research tremendously. Fast and effi cient synthesis is only possible if all necessary tools are readily available. Sigma-Aldrich is proud to off er a leading choice of tools and building blocks for advancing science in the "omics" era (genomics, proteomics, glycomics, metabolomics – to name just a few). This issue of Aldrich ChemFiles highlights some examples of recent additions to our portfolio.

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  1. Timmer, M.S.M.; Adibekian, A.; Seeberger, P.H. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2005, 44, 7605.

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