Os EnCat™ 40

Chemfiles Volume 7 Supplement 1

Osmium tetroxide is known to be one of the most reliable and effective catalysts for oxidative cleavage and dihydroxylation of olefins. However, it is very toxic, volatile and expensive, limiting its use at large-scale. Os EnCat 40 effectively immobilizes and stabilizes osmium tetroxide to produce a safer and easier to use catalyst for use in oxidation chemistry. In the picture on the right, a sample of Os EnCat 40 placed in corn oil is unchanged after several months, whereas an equivalent sample of volatile osmium tetroxide quickly reacts to produce black decomposition products.

Cleaner products

typically less than 100 ppm Os in crude product

Easier storage

transport & use low residual OsO4 vapor over Os EnCat40 product

Faster, efficient processes

resin beads filter easily

High selectivity

can be used for asymmetric dihydroxylationly

Reduced plant contamination

OsO4 is trapped in the beads

Improved cost effectiveness

Os EnCat 40 may be reused in repeat reaction cycles

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