Pd(0) EnCat™ 30NP

Chemfiles Volume 7 Supplement 1

Pd(0) EnCat 30NP is a versatile polymer encapsulated nanoparticulate Pd(0) hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenation catalyst with high chemoselectivity and improved safety profile allowing easier, faster and cleaner processes to be developed. Reaxa’s controlled manufacturing process produces regular palladium(0) nano-particles stabilized by the polymer matrix within the EnCatbeads, ensuring that the catalyst performance is extremely reproducible from batch to batch (c.f. palladium on carbon).

Cleaner products typically less than 1 ppm Pd in crude product
Cleaner waste streams reduced metal losses in EnCat processes
Faster, efficient processes EnCat beads filter easily and can be recycled
No plant contamination palladium metal is trapped within the beads
High selectivity in hydrogenation & transfer hydrogenation reactions
Improved safety profile non-pyrophoric compared with Pd/C catalysts
Process intensification can be used in batch & flow processes

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