Polymer-Supported Reducing Reagents

Chemfiles Volume 4 Article 1

Borohydride, polymer-supported on Amberlite IRA-400

Polymer-supported reducing agent possessing greater selectivity than the corresponding alkali borohydrides.1 This versatile resin has been shown to effectively reduce α-β unsaturated carbonyl compounds to the corresponding unsaturated alcohols;2 olefinic bonds,3 aryl azides and arylsulfonyl azides to the corresponding aromatic amines and aryl sulfonamides using MeOH as solvent;4 α-β unsaturated nitroalkenes to nitroalkanes;5 aromatic oximes to the corresponding amines;6 and aldehydes and ketones to the corresponding alcohols.7

Borohydride, polymer-supported on Amberlite A-26

Cyanoborohydride, polymer-supported

Polymer-supported reducing agent used in reductive amination reactions at room temperature.8 This resin was utilized with polymer-supported perruthenate (51,158-7 p.5) in oxidative-reductive amination reactions to convert alcohols to amines.9 It was also employed in the preparation of piperidino-thiomorpholine libraries via reductive amination of ketones.10

Tributyltin fluoride, polymer-bound

Reagent for the selective desilylation of bis(silyl)enol ethers

Zinc borohydride, polymer-bound

Used to the chemoselective reduction of aldehydes in the presence of ketones.

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