Pt(0) EnCat™ 40

Chemfiles Volume 7 Supplement 1

Pt(0) EnCat 40 is a versatile hydrogenation catalyst demonstrating high chemoselectivity and improved safety profile over platinum on carbon allowing easier, faster and cleaner processes to be developed. Isolating the active platinum within the polymer matrix has produced an easily handled and safer alternative to Pt/C.

Cleaner products

very low levels of Pt in crude product

Cleaner waste streams

reduced metal losses in EnCat process (typically <0.005% Pt loss)

Faster, efficient processes

EnCat beads filter easily

No plant contamination

platinum metal remains entrapped within the beads

High selectivity

in hydrogenation reactions

Process intensification

can be used in batch & flow processes

Improved safety profile

initial tests show no tendency for activated catalyst to ignite upon exposure to air

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