Resins for the Boc-/Bzl-Synthesis of Protected Peptide Fragments

Chemfiles Volume 3 Article 4

This brominated Wang resin is a very useful and versatile tool for the preparation of protected peptide fragments. Detachment of the peptide from the resin is effected by photolysis (350 nm).(1) Coupling of the first residue is accomplished using the appropriate amino acid cesium salt and catalytic amounts of KI. Please note that brominated Wang resin is not compatible with nucleophilic conditions used in Fmoc-/tBu chemistry.

10984 Brominated Wang resin, α-Bromopropiophenone, polymer-bound
  2-Bromopropionyl-polystyrene polymer matrix: polystyrene cross-linked with 1% DVB
  capacity: ~ 1.0 mmol/g resin particle size 70–90 mesh 1 g, 5 g

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  1. Wang, S. S. J. Org. Chem. 1976, 41, 3258.

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