Rf-tagged Nucleophilic Scavengers

Chemfiles Volume 4 Article 9


Thiols are good nucleophiles that have been used as covalent scavengers to rid product mixtures of excess halides and other electrophiles. F-Thiol is the solution-phase equivalent of polymer bound thiol scavengers. It has the advantage of reacting faster than its polymer counterpart.[1] F-Thiol-quenched derivatives can be easily separated from the organic product by performing a quick solid-phase extraction over FluoroFlash® silica gel.[2,3]

F-Thiols can also serve as fluorous tags in parallel synthesis.[4] Tagging is achieved by nucleophilic substitution of a halide by the thiol. Detagging is achieved by oxidation of the sulfide to a sulfone followed by nucleophilic substitution by another nucleophile.

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