Simplify Purification with FluoroFlash® Products

In partnership with Fluorous Technologies, Inc., Sigma-Aldrich® is pleased to offer a wide range of fluorous products that allow for faster, more robust purifications. By combining fluorous tags with fluorous solid phase extraction (F-SPE), researchers can quickly and efficiently purify complex chemical mixtures. In this brochure you will find a representative listing of applications and FluoroFlash® products available through Sigma-Aldrich at research scale to support this important new separation technology.

General Concept

Fluorous chemistry is a novel tagging and separation technology based on the use of perfluoroalkyl (fluorous) domains. Fluorous-tagged molecules can be readily separated from non-fluorous molecules exploiting fluorophilicity.

Fluorous-tagged molecules

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Features and Benefits

• Complete solution phase chemistry – highly adaptable 
• Orthogonal mechanism of separation – very selective 
• Based on fluorinated materials – chemically inert 
• Applicable to numerous molecular classes – broad utility 
• Compatible with standard lab equipment – easily integrated

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Key Applications

• Medicinal Chemistry 
• Parallel Synthesis 
• Combinatorial Chemistry 
• Catalysis 
• Peptide & Carbohydrate Synthesis 
• Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis

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Useful References

Besides the information in this brochure, you can learn much more about fluorous techniques at the Sigma-Aldrich website portal: There you will find application notes, ChemFiles, a Cheminar™ on fluorous chemistry, Aldrichimica Acta articles and many other useful references.

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Technical Support

Fluorous Technologies, Inc. may be contacted by phone (412-826-3050) or email ( to answer any questions you may have about fluorous products and applications.

Fluorous Technologies Incorporated

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