By: William Sommer, Aldrich ChemFiles 2007, 7.10, 11.

Aldrich ChemFiles 2007, 7.10, 11.

A new class of phenyl-backbone derived P,O-ligands (Symphos) were developed by Symyx Technologies in collaboration with professor Fu and coworkers.1 These new ligands proved to be suitable for general palladium/ligand catalyzed Suzuki transformations of aryl halides. This new system demonstrated its efficiency by catalyzing the cross-coupling of aryl boronic acids and aryl chlorides containing electron-poor and electron-rich substituents with good overall yields (Scheme 1). The catalysis was carried out with Pd(dba)2 and Symphos with CsF in toluene at 105 °C with yields of up to 96% (Table 1).

Scheme 1

Table 1

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  1. Bei, X et al. J. Org. Chem. 1999, 64, 6797.

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