Tentagel® S PHB Resins Preloaded with N-α-Fmoc-Protected Amino Acids

Chemfiles Volume 3 Article 4

Preloaded TentaGel® S PHB resins are excellent acid-labile supports for Fmoc-/tBu SPPS of peptide acids. Due to the unique properties of the TentaGel® resin, synthesis can be performed both in a batch or in a continuous-flow system. The Fmoc-amino acids are coupled to the TentaGel® S PHB resin in such a way, that epimerization and dipeptide formation are minimized. Our preloaded TentaGel® S PHB resins are high-quality supports, which enable you to start directly with the automated protocols. The polymer matrix of TentaGel® S PHB is PEG grafted on low cross-linked PS beads.

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