The Next Generation of Labeled Synthons

By: Mike Willis, Chemfiles Volume 10 Article 4

Dr. Rodolfo Martinez and his group at Highlands Stable Isotopes have developed a novel set of patented stable isotope synthetic reagents. These exclusive reagents facilitate the production of site-specific and stereospecific labeled compounds. They also help improve the speed and quality of the synthesis of labeled materials. These versatile reagents include the following categories:

  • Protected methyl addition reagents
  • α-Keto amide, acid, and ester precursors
  • Olefi nation reagents
  • Phenyl vinyl compounds
  • Thioethers and dithioethers
  • Phthalimides and succinimides

Some of the most versatile compounds in the collection include the methyl additionreagents of which methyl-13C phenyl sulfide (716081) is a notable example. Methyl phenyl sulfide has a rich chemistry and, if prepared with carbon and deuterium labels in the methyl group, is a versatile labeling precursor easily converted into a nucleophilic or an electrophilic synthon.

Labeled methyl phenyl sulfide can be oxidized, adjusting the pKa and allowing for subsequent modifications. A Raney® Ni mediated desulfurization can be used to remove the sulfur, leaving a labeled methylene group. Alternatively, a 13C-labeled aldehyde, carboxylic acid, or carboxylic ester can be prepared directly.

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