TPGS–750–M: A Second Generation Amphiphile

ChemFiles Volume 11 Article 1

Lipshutz and co-workers have recently developed a second generation technology to their original PTS-enabling surfactant based on a polyoxyethanyl-α-tocopheryl succinate derivative, TPGS-750-M (733857) (Figure 1). This designer surfactant is composed of a lipophilic α-tocopherol moiety and a hydrophilic PEG-750-M chain, joined by an inexpensive succinic acid linker, and spontaneously forms micelles upon dissolution in water. The balance and composition of TPGS-750-M’s lipophilic and hydrophilic components has been tailored to promote a broader array of chemistry in water more effi ciently than that seen in PTS. Furthermore, this new, more practical surfactant can be readily substituted for older amphiphiles, usually with equal or greater effi ciency in terms of both yield and reaction times.

Figure 1 TPGS–750–M.

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