Potential Application for 2-Furanmethanethiol Formate, FG

Available in Kosher and Halal

This ingredient’s savory nuances have soupy umami notes making it useful in roasted onion, garlic, savory meat or boiled egg flavors. It is also similar to roasted coffee with a creamy caramellic ending broadening the range of uses for this product.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Sulfurous, roasted onion and garlic, meaty, eggy
Potential Applications Roasted savory dishes, coffee and caramellic top notes
Natural Occurrence Not yet found in nature
Aroma Characteristics @0.10% Ethanol. Sulfurous, roasted onion and garlic with savory roasted beef nuances.
Taste Characteristics @<1ppm. Sulfurous, savory, meaty and roasted alliaceous with metallic and eggy nuances.
Product Number W315818