Potential Application for 2-Methoxycinnamaldehyde, FG

Available in Natural & Kosher

The spicy, yet sweet character of this ingredient can be used to modify the flavor profile of cinnamic aldehyde. It is also widely used in cherry and spice flavors for chewing gum, baked applications and mouthwashes or toothpastes for oral care. It has can also assist in rounding out cola or Dr Pepper® type flavors.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Spicy, sweet cinnamon, slight powdery and resinous
Potential Applications Cinnamon and cassia enhancers, spice blends, cola flavors, vanilla, chocolate, savory ham notes, gingerbread, cherry, raspberry flavors
Natural Occurrence Cassia, cassia bark oil, cassia leaf oil, cinnamon
Aroma Characteristics @1.0%. Sweet, cinnamic, spicy, slightly woody with vanilla and phenolic nuances
Taste Characteristics @5-20 ppm. Sweet, warm, spicy, woody, cinnamon bark with vanilla nuances
Product Number W318101