Potential Application for 3-Nonen-2-One 10% in Ethanol

Available in Natural (US) & Kosher

The powerful earthy, fatty notes of this material will enhance mushroom, vegetable flavors like cucumber and cultured dairy flavors like sour cream, yogurt and kefir. It should also be considered to enlarge the ketone complex in Brie, Gorgonzola, Camembert and other mold-ripened cheese flavors.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Ketonic, earthy, slightly rancid, mushroom, rice-like
Potential Applications Mushroom, white and brown rice, minor dairy nuances and fat replacers where its creamy nuance will reduce the slight rancid notes from other fat additives
Natural Occurrence Crayfish, chamomile, oxidized beef fat
Aroma Characteristics @10% in ethanol. Ketonic, musty, dairy cheesy and earthy mushroom
Taste Characteristics @1-5 ppm. Earthy, waxy, oily nut skin, with oxidized fatty notes and mushroom and brown rice nuances
Product Number W395500