Potential Application for 5-Methylquinoxaline, FG

Available in Kosher and Halal

There is a toasted nut character with lingering roasted corn notes that would work well in corn chips as well as graham crackers, imparting a toasted cereal note. At higher concentrations, this ingredient would be beneficial in roasted caramel, cocoa or coconut flavors.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Coffee, nutty
Potential Applications Toasted crackers, brown sugar or caramel applications at higher concentrations
Natural Occurrence Coffee, roasted almond
Aroma Characteristics @1.0% Ethanol. Musty, roasted nutty almond, peanut and hazelnut-like. Roasted coffee notes and corn chip-like nuances, scorched corn chip nuances.
Taste Characteristics @5 to 10ppm. Musty nut skin notes of roasted almond, walnut, peanut, hazelnut and cashew. Creamy nuance reminiscent of the nuttiness in swiss cheese.
Product Number W320307