Potential Application for CIS-4 Heptenal, 10 WT.% in Triethyl Citrate, FG

Available in Natural (US) & Kosher

Use this flavor additive mainly in dairy products where it lends top notes to sour creams, cultured butters, vanilla creams and ghee flavors. It also finds applications in potato, olive oil and spearmint enhancers and in a wide assortment of tomato flavors, to reduce the impact of cis-3-heptenal.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Green vegetative, fatty dairy, oxidized fatty and potato-like
Potential Applications Fat flavors, tomato top notes, mint and herbal nuances, creamy butter nuances
Natural Occurrence Dried bonito, wheat bread, butter fat, sour cherry, clam, fish, krill, milk, oyster, peppermint, boiled potato, shrimp, scotch spearmint
Aroma Characteristics @10% in ethanol. Fresh green, sharp, slightly vegetative, grassy, fresh dairy with oxidized fatty and herbal cilantro and minty nuances
Taste Characteristics @ 5-10 ppm. Vegetative, grassy green, fruity apple and pear skin like with fresh dairy milky nuances
Product Number W328915