Potential Application for Coconut Ketone Solution

Available in 10 WT. % in Ethanol • Natural (US) & Kosher

Coconut ketone can be incorporated into various nut flavors for fatty, oily richness and would also enhance coconut meat additives.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Creamy, waxy, nutty, slightly coconut-like
Potential Applications Coconut, cheese flavors, mainly blue and gorgonzola; oily nut flavors such as brazil, walnut, macadamia and pecan; dairy flavors such as milk, cream blends and dolce de leche
Natural Occurrence Roasted filbert, bell pepper, apricot, hops
Aroma Characteristics @10% in ethanol. Creamy, waxy, nut skin, ketonic, coconut with earthy cheese nuances
Taste Characteristics @2-5 ppm. Creamy, rich dairy aged cheesy mouth feel and a nut body reminiscent of walnut, pecan and macadamia. It has fatty coconut depth nuances
Product Number W340000